Factoring at the speed of business.

Tank is a digital wallet that lets factors simplify payouts and fund their clients faster.

Go digital

Offer your clients and your operations team a best-in-class funding experience. The future of payments is fast, simple, and secure.

Deliver instant payments to your clients

Don't rely on yesterday's financial infrastructure to move money today. Fund your customers in the moment they need it.
Fund anytime - no wire or ACH cut-off times
Support funding on nights & weekends
Reverse a payment in case of an error

Eliminate payout overhead

Stop batching your funding once a day. Stop manually keying in ACH and wire transmissions. Let Tank Payments support your continuous, all-day funding workflow.

Retain your best clients

Never lose a client because a competitor offers faster funding timelines, lower transmission fees, or a lower rate.

The Tank Difference

Using Traditional Payouts

Manual ACH or wire entry
Multi-step funding approval process
Irreversible payments once sent
Slow traditional banking rails

With Tank Payments

black check mark
Streamlined payout workflow
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Continuous funding throughout the day
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Reversible payments
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Instant financial transfers

Working with Tank Payments

Integration is a breeze

Don't have an IT team? Integrating with Tank Payments is a lightweight addition to your business that doesn't require you to change your day-to-day.

Use data to fund with confidence

Tank Payments uses next-generation ELD and financial history data to help factors make better funding decisions.

Supercharge your sales

Attract and retain customers by offering best-in-class factoring rates when customers spend on the Tank card.

Find out how your company can benefit from faster payments.

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